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Critical Illness

Every few seconds, an American suffers a heart attack or is diagnosed with cancer.

Expenses that aren’t covered by major medical insurance can add up quickly, and the impact this has on his or her family’s finances can be devastating.

Even with a health insurance policy, if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, there is a possibility that you would not be able to afford the treatments recommended and needed. Critical illness insurance can help.

Critical Illness Product Highlights

Critical Illness Insurance helps protect individuals and families from the financial impact that can occur as a result of a critical illness that is covered under the policy contract, and payment is typically made in a lump sum.

  • Pays cash directly to the individual.
  • Can be used to cover medical and nonmedical expenses (which include retrofitting your home, your mortgage or other bills, home health care or even a vacation).
  • Pays in addition to any other insurance you may have.
  • Available for individuals, spouses, and dependent children.
  • Benefit amount options of up to $50,000.
  • Rates don’t increase due to age
    (policyholder is locked into rate for age at
    effective date).

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